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USB-C to USB-A Mini Adapter


A compact and efficient solution designed to bridge the connectivity gap between the latest USB-C equipped devices and accessories with traditional USB-A interfaces. Essential for the connection to USB-A peripherals, such as flash drives, keyboards, or external hard drives, to USB-C devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


It features:

  • Input: USB-C Male
  • Output: USB-A Female
  • Supports 5Gbps data transfer
  • Provides 3A current for charging devices
  • Durable ABS-material body
  • Options for aluminum housing and molding stainless steel are also available



If you require products customized to meet your specific needs, our OEM services are at your disposal. Please complete the form detailing your requirements, and we will promptly address your request, ensuring the provision of products tailored exclusively for you

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