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Building Resilience. Delivering Excellence.

Our new and cutting-edge Taiwan facility integrates stringent standards, precise engineering, and dual-regional operations, ensuring resilience and customer-centric delivery.

Having facilities in both China and Taiwan diversifies operational risks and ensures uninterrupted production. We excel in creating customer-oriented products and boast a strategic location for prompt delivery with superior quality that reinforces the value of 'Made in Taiwan'.

Beyond Expectations


Taiwan's high manufacturing standards ensure superior product reliability.

Precious Engineering


Meticulous assembly methods for product excellence.

Risk Diversification


Facilities in China and Taiwan ensure operational stability.



Strong focus on customer requirements for personalized products.

Strategic Location


Prompt delivery assured due to Taiwan's proximity to global markets.

From ID design to product design and packaging design, we offer turnkey services to OEM and ODM clients. Our cost-effective and stylish designs are backed by numerous case studies and expert designers who understand the needs of today's market.

We Build for You

We offer cost-effective manufacturing and assembly services with flexible resources and expert procurement, resulting in reduced costs and shorter delivery times for our customers.


We offer a range of testing services with various agencies to meet all of our customers' requirements.

Objective Testing

Leveraging 40 years of expertise, we provide a proven, industry-standard quality-control system with our 'QUALITY CONTROL' services. Available for third parties and various locations upon request, our extended quality-control solutions offer both efficiency and cost-effectiveness over traditional third-party agencies.

Quality Control

Our designs blend innovation, modern style, and user-centricity, mirroring the global market. We cover all design stages from sketching to prototyping, with our designers offering 3-D animation models at each review phase for a comprehensive visual of the final product.

Industrial Design

Our range of services includes product and enclosure design solutions in both plastic and metal. We also provide standard procedures for development services for prototypes and tooling for production.

Mechanical Design

Our packaging design services ensure that your products have sharp and eye-catching designs that match their quality. With thousands of successful projects, we have the experience to create custom blister, card-box, insert-card, and other packaging materials to meet your needs.

Packaging Design

Our PCB design services integrate the latest technology and materials, ensuring signal integrity and tailored solutions for your specific needs, all while upholding high-quality, cost-effective production.

Mechanical Design

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