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Premium UltraSpeed USB4 Cable (240W/40Gbps)


The Advanced Super Hi-Speed USB4 data cable, featuring a Type-C male-to-male interface, with Thunderbolt 4 compatibility, making it ideal for connecting USB4 or Thunderbolt 4 supported devices. It enables Ultra High Definition resolutions up to 7680*4320 (8K) at a 30Hz refresh rate and not onlyprovides PD fast charging up to 240W for rapid device charging but also boasts a Super Hi-Speed 40Gbps data transfer rate for quick and efficient movement of large files and folders.


Durably built with an aluminum alloy connector and high-quality braided wire, it's designed for everyday use and is available in lengths up to 2 meters, making it ideal for the latest iPhone 15 series and other USB-C devices like MacBooks and laptops, it's a versatile choice for modern connectivity needs.





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