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Long Range Standard Speed 1080P HDMI Flat Cable


Specifically crafted to provide reliable, high-quality video transmission over long distances, without compromising the integrity of your viewing experience. Ideally suited for navigate tight spaces or run cable under carpets and along baseboards discreetly.


It features:

  • Input: HDMI Male
  • Output: HDMI Male
  • Supports 18Gbps bandwidth with 7680x4320p (8K) 60Hz resolution
  • Supports Supports HDCP, ARC, HDR, Dolby TrueHD and 3D-visual
  • Flat form for easy installation in tight spaces and reduce the risk of tripping




If you require products customized to meet your specific needs, our OEM services are at your disposal. Please complete the form detailing your requirements, and we will promptly address your request, ensuring the provision of products tailored exclusively for you

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