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DisplayPort 2.1 16K Cable


cutting-edge in display cable technology, designed for users who demand the highest resolution and performance from their video connections, engineered to support incredibly high resolutions and advanced features, making it suitable for professional-grade visual tasks, high-end gaming, and immersive viewing experiences.


It features: 

  • Input: DP Male
  • Output: DP Male
  • Supports 15360x8460 (16K) 60Hz with DSC, 10240x4320 (10K) 60Hz without DSC
  • Supports 40Gbps/80Gbps bandwidth, HDR10+, DSC1.2a, HDCP 2.2, and MST multi-stream transmission
  • Uses UHBR10, UHBR13.5, and UHBR20 (Ultra High Bit Rate) transmission modes




If you require products customized to meet your specific needs, our OEM services are at your disposal. Please complete the form detailing your requirements, and we will promptly address your request, ensuring the provision of products tailored exclusively for you

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